What’s in the fridge tonight? Create the dining room feeling outside of home!

Visual appeal is of great importance for a restaurant. Make your customers feel comfortable and sure to return.

Information management is a lot faster with a digital network. Update information fast and easily. Schedule changes to the menu based on the time of day, update content for different locations simultaneously or even display nutritional information to regional standard.

Digital menu boards save money and time as they're easy to update even when a slight change in the menu or price occurs. You can share interesting offers in more detail than you would in an ordinary menu where you’re forced to put too much information on one page.

Unique communication can be an interesting feature as well. Share social media on your digital screens, Tweets or reviews from other customers for example and reach out to your guests in more ways than one.

The customer experience can be augmented by digital signage, providing entertainment and information in an appealing fashion, making it a worthwhile investment for your restaurant.

Attract the mobile users! The use of Facebook and Twitter for news and stories going viral has become a daily thing. You can display more than sports and fashion shows to truly draw the attention of the viewer. Share feedback on a digital screen in your restaurant, or you can even set up an automated Twitter feed.

Lower cost and higher profit are the perfect combination. Updating information quickly and easily is cutting your expenses. Paired with providing great marketing and advertising via your digital screens, your profit rises.

  • Customize information with special formats
  • Manage pricing faster
  • Update content for different locations simultaneously
  • Schedule the menu to change during the day
  • Make your guests feel at home

Adapt to the surroundings with digital signage. If your location is near an airport, bus station or any establishment which holds important onward information, you can use it to go the extra mile.

If you're interested in additional features digital signage holds for restaurants, visit this link!