Adjusting image aspect ratio

Rarely you will have an image that fits exactly a campaign's screen division.

Unless you crop the image beforehand to fit the screen, of course! For all other cases, you may adjust the aspect ratio settings on your OnSign TV account.

  1. Select a campaign and look at its timeline.
  2. timeline image item
  3. Click on the photo item on the timeline.
  4. A pop-up window will display the item properties. Among other information, there is “Aspect ratio” field, which contain four different options for image fitting.
  5. file properties

    HINT: Before choosing a setting, take always into account the screen and image aspect ratio (width x height). It is best to have approximate ratios instead of fitting an image into a completely different screen size.

    Check below image fitting options and image examples. The screen area of this campaign is 896x720px and all images are 1900x1200px. The original photos are shown on the left. Compare it to the result on the campaign after the settings are applied.

    • Stretch: This will make your image fit exactly to the screen area where it is set. It is ideal for approximate areas, but if the image size differs too much from the screen area, the photo will end up too stretched.
    • stretch
    • Keep original: The photo will remain exactly as it is, without any distortion. Problem is, if you have a larger area on the screen, black bars will fill the blank areas. On the other hand, if the photo is set to a smaller area, it will be cropped (see image below).
    • keep original
    • Fit height: Opt for this setting if there are areas without information that you don't mind cropping on the image sides. In the example below, for instance, the sky was mainly cropped, so it didn't affect the most important element: the windmill. If you have a portrait picture and the area is on a landscape proportion, you might get instead black bars on the sides.
    • fit height
    • Fit width: Choose this setting if the photo you are going to place and the area have about the same width. If the photo width is larger, black bars will appear on the top and the bottom (see image below). In case you set a portrait photo to fit a wide screen area, the top and bottom will be cropped.
    • fit width
  6. Hit “Apply” after you have adjusted the settings and save the campaign changes.