Campaign cycling

Campaign cycling is a feature that controls how many campaigns play each time its playlist is displayed in the player loop. In order to follow this tutorial step by step, check beforehand how to create a campaign playlist and how to publish it. Then, read the instructions below:

  1. Go to "Playlist" tab on your OnSign TV account
  2. Select a playlist.
  3. Beside Category, you can see the “Campaign Cycling” field. Type the number of campaigns you want to playback each time the playlist is displayed on the player loop. Write “1” for instance.
  4. Hit “Save and Publish” on the top-right corner
  5. Campaign cycling is already set! Now, let's just check how it appears on the player's loop. Click on the player under "Published to these players"
  6. Select "Campaigns in Player" at the left bar menu
  7. Take a look at this player’s content: two campaigns and a campaign playlist.
  8. Now, click on "Campaign Playing Loop". You will see the following: without campaign cycling playlist On your OnSign TV platform, the playlist will still be shown in sequence (Campaign A > Campaign B > Campaign C) on the player loop. On your player's screen, however, the feature will work normally. Each time the playlist is set, one single campaign will be displayed instead of the whole playlist at once. The player loop will look as below. Note that Campaign A, B and C belong to the playlist.


P.S.: This image is meant to show how the player will behave when campaign cycling is set.