Create expanded interactive menus


You can create at most ten different screen zones in a campaign layout. Hence, you are not able to create a single menu with more than ten buttons at a time. You will need to create a second menu by changing the background zone image. See an example below:


Learn how to create two menus by reading the instructions below. We have used a OnSign TV interactive campaign taught at a previous interactive tutorial. We recommend you to do it first. If you have already done it, download the image files used on this tutorial campaign and follow the instructions below to create a second menu.

  1. Create a menu image with a next icon at the bottom (see image below). Replace it on the menu area.
  2. menu 1 with button
  3. Add a screen division over the next button. Drag a PNG transparent image to this area on the timeline.
  4. new zone for next button
  5. Create a second menu image. It should have different buttons and a back icon on the bottom (see example below). For now, only upload this image to OnSign TV platform - do not place it on the timeline.
  6. menu 2
  7. Save the campaign.
  8. On the loaded page, click on “interactivity” on the sidebar menu.
  9. Click on add interactivity button. From now on, we will start setting all interactions to our buttons.

    Our first goal now is to trigger the second menu when the “next” icon is clicked. So fill the settings as below:

    configure next button
    • Which one: Region 6 (next button).
    • Action: Replace.
    • Destination: Region 2, as we want the menu to change.
    • When playing: As the next button belongs to the “menu 1”, set the action to be carried out only when “Menu 1” is playing.
    • With media: Select “Menu 2” and hit check.


    The next button will lead to the second menu. Next, we need to add filters to all actions that are already set for menu 1 buttons. Set "Menu 1" for "When playing" field. This will avoid that content from menu 2 is displayed when we click a button from the menu 1.

    filter to button menu 1

    Now, we need to configure all actions of the second menu. Instead of choosing "Menu 1" for "When playing", we have to select "Menu 2". Set the file you want to trigger for “with media”.

    filters to buttons menu 2

    At last, configure the back button on the bottom for changing the menu again.

    configure back button
    • Tip: If you are replacing medias on a screen zone, set long display durations if you want the user to navigate freely through the content. If you let a shorter time duration, it might happen that the user is interrupted while reading the text.


  10. Hit “Save changes” when you are done. Wait for the player to synchronize the modifications and check out the outcome on the screen!