Add QR code to campaigns

Display more content right into the audience mobile device.

A QR code is a two dimensional image that stores information in black and white pixels. It is quickly scanned by cellphones and present much more data than standard barcodes. You can present text, images, videos and URL on the cellphone screen.

Display text messages or trigger websites on the user cellphone with OnSign TV QR code app:

  1. You can find the QR Code App along with other Apps (How to Add Apps).
  2. Select “Text and Scrollers” on the top menu at the popup window.
  3. 2. text option
  4. Hit “QR code” app and fill the following info:
  5. 3. QR code settings
    • App name: Just name the app in order to save it. It won’t appear on your campaign, but only within your Onsign TV account.
    • Text to be encoded to QR Code: Type the content you want to trigger on the cellphone. It can be either a text or a URL to a page, image or video.
    • Background color: Color around the QR code. The code itself will be always black and white. You can also opt to set a transparent background by marking the item below.
  6. Hit save.

Now you just need to drag the app from your app gallery to the timeline when creating a campaign.