How to block accounts

Sometimes, you need to lose something in order to value it.

Warn users about unpaid subscriptions or other issues by blocking their accounts. This action will keep the client from accessing his account and modifying content while his signage operation remains working.

  1. On your custom digital signage platform, click on “Accounts” button at the header. For this tutorial, we are using the “123-signage” white label account.
  2. 1. enter custom website and hit accounts
  3. Find the specific account you want to keep from accessing your platform. Click on the settings icon on the right and then hit “Block”.
  4. Block account
  5. A dialog will request your confirmation. Hit the red button.
  6. blocking confirmation
  7. From this point on, the user will see the following message next time he tries to access the custom platform.
  8. blocked account - user view

You can differentiate blocked accounts from the active ones by their color. Blocked accounts are slightly faded.

blocked account
  • You can activate the account anytime. Just select the user, click on settings icon and then hit “Unblock”.
  • unblock button

    The only way of stopping completely the user’s digital signage operation is by removing his account.