Setting custom resolution to match your display or video wall

Are you displaying digital signage on an UltraWide monitor, video wall or any other nonstandard proportion device? Then, custom resolution is what you need.

This option is within layout section on your campaign editor. If you don’t know yet how to create different screen layouts, adding different divisions and changing from landscape to portrait mode, check this tutorial.

Learn below how to set custom resolution:

  1. In your OnSign TV account, edit a campaign or create a new one. Click on “Add custom layout” on “Screen layout” section.
  2. add custom layout
  3. Define the device orientation and then click on “Device resolution”. Click on “Custom”, last item from the list.
  4. custom resolution settings
  5. Write down the desired resolution. In this tutorial, we are going to match the resolution to the size of a two monitor video wall place side by side on landscape mode. The first screen is 1920 x 1080 and the second is 1366 x 768. We need to sum the width and we will have our result: 3268 x 1080.
  6. video wall setting
  7. Add the divisions to the new mode and click save layout.
  8. Now you can starting adding the content to your campaign!
TIP: Keep in mind that depending on your video wall configuration, the image might get distorted. Always add content that also match the screen resolution, like the one above: campaign result