How to create custom screen layouts

OnSign TV platform allows you to display more than one content at a time on your screen.

Imagine, for instance, screen layouts splitted in two blocks: one of them is an image slideshow, while the other informs the local time and weather. Setting different zones on your campaign is quite easy.

  1. Create a campaign
  2. After naming it, take a look at the Screen Layout box. By default, the layout will be three different zones. You can choose other types of layouts, vertical or horizontal, or with more or less zones.
  3. screen layouts
  4. If you wish a different layout from the list, click on "Add Custom Layout" at the right.
  5. A pop-up window will open, simulating your digital signage screen.
  6. You can create your own layout by clicking on "Add Division" and dragging the shapes to the desired size. You can also adjust its size on the left table.
  7. Your screen layouts are ready? Hit “Create Layout” then!
screen layouts pop-up

Once you select a new layout, notice that the timeline will adapt to it. If you had a two zone layout and selected a new three zone layout, a new ruler will be added on the Timeline box.

new screen layouts