How to create file folders

Organize videos, imaged and HTML into file folders and find archives faster and easier.

Digital signage is all about content. The more information you display to the viewers, the better. However, it might get a little trickier to find a specific image within hundreds of files within your account. Get archives neat with file folders and make the life of digital signage content creators much easier.
  1. On your OnSign TV account, go to "Content" page.
  2. Click on “New” button at the top-left corner.
  3. Then select "Folder" at the drop down-menu.
  4. new-file
  5. Name the folder and click “Create Folder”.
  6. name-folder
  7. The new map will be shown above the page files, campaigns and playlist. As you create more folders, they will be displayed in alphabetic order.
folder-by-order You can shift view from squares to list to view more details about the folder and reorginaze the display order by name, last modification date or size.