How to create player groups

Group players and publish content faster

When you reach a certain number of players, campaign managing can become confusing. How to make sure you are publishing the right content to the right player? Well, player grouping is the answer! Combine player displaying similar content into groups and speed up the publishing process.

  1. Click on “Players” tab on your OnSign TV account.
  2. Select “Groups” tab on the loaded page.
  3. Hit “Create Player Group” button on the top-right corner.
  4. 1. click on group tab
  5. Name the new group and add tags to it if you find necessary.
  6. 2. fill group indo
  7. Click once over each player you want to add to the group. If there are two many players on your account use the search box to find the players you need.
  8. 3. select players
  9. Hit “Save Group” on the top of the page.
  10. saved group
  11. Now it is time to begin campaign publishing! Player groups behave the same as players. Just click on Publish campaign on the Groups tab and set the playback filters. It will apply to all players within the group.
  12. 4. publish to group