How to display power point presentations

Include power point presentations on your digital signage operation to inform clients and staff

Power point is a Microsoft program, but this tutorial applies to any other program you use for creating and designing your presentations. Take these documents from the depth of your computer folders and bring them directly to the eyes of the target public.
  1. Open your presentation document on your computer with the slideshow editor. Export the document as .PDF or .JPEG (File > Export As…). If you opt for the .jpeg format, we recommend saving the files into a separate folder.
  2. Login on your OnSign TV account and click on "Content" on the sidebar menu.
  3. Click on top-left corner orange button "New" and hit "Upload File" to load the .pdf or the map with the .jpeg files. Alternatively, you can simply drag it from your computer to OnSign TV website. If you upload a single .PDF, you’ll notice a new folder will be created on your files page containing each page of your presentation.
  4. 1. upload file to
  5. Select all document pages with the mouse.
  6. Right-click over the selected itens and hit "New Campaign".
  7. 2. select items
  8. A new popup window will prompt on your screen. Name the campaign and adjust how many second each item should last on the timeline. At last, click on “Create campaign".
  9. 3. Fill info

    In fact, you can create campaigns from any file format directly on the file tab. Select all items that should be included in the timeline and click on "Create campaign".

  10. The new page will load the page editor. The items you selected are already placed in the timeline. They will be displayed for the time you specified and in name sequence. Therefore, double check the items and rename the files if necessary so they appear in the right order. Now you just need to make few adjustments, such as shorten or expand the duration of each item (depending on the amount of text you should do it!). You can also add image transitions, change layout in order to add an app or adjust the items order.
  11. 4. automatically filled timeline
  12. Now you just need to save and publish!