URL App – Adding a website to your signage

With the URL App you can quickly present a website inside your Signage Screen!

Follow these steps for setting up the URL App:
    1. To find the App Galley button you go to the “Content” page and search for it at the top left part of the screen close to the Upload File button.
    2. Click then on the blue “New App” button.
    3. Select Web & Media on the top bar menu of the pop-up screen.
    4. Select “Website Link” App.
    5. Give your App a name. This is how you will find and refer your App in the system
    6. Paste the target website "link" on the URL field. Example: Let's say you would like to display Google Stock information using this link "https://www.google.com/finance?q=google&ei=yL_NV4nNHcKkeaOyseAF"
    7. Hit “Save”. You are ready to create your campaign and display websites using this app!
Adding interactivity:
  • By default the URL App will block user clicks. Check and  "enable touch interaction" in case you want the user to be able to navigate within the presented web content.



URL App additional notes:

  • The page will be opened using your player's browser, so rendering may look different compared to your desktop. We suggest you test the final look on the target player before deploying the content.
  • Some pages may have a particular security setting preventing it to be opened inside the URL App. Best solution is testing it on a player before actually deploying it.
  • It is important to understand the target webpage terms of service and copyrights to avoid breaking any licensing agreement.