How to install OnSign TV on iAdea Players

1- Download APK into a USB stick, using your PC. You can get the APK from: Now let's get this installed into your iAdea Player

(For getting a PDF from iAdea on how to do this click here, or follow the steps below)

  1. Plug USB stick into iAdea device
  2. At Basic Settings, click "Advanced"
  3. Click on the "lower right corner" 3 times using the mouse. This is somehow a painful process, as you need to make the clicks in a fast way. click, click, click ... The best way is to click several times on the bottom right corner until you get the Android Screen!
  4. Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 4.46.24 PM  
  5. Click the Android App icon:
  6. Android-OpeningScreen
  7. Open the APKInstaller and Click Install
  8. Select USB Memory
  9. Follow install instructions
  10. Once finished you can click the "Android" Home Button to return to the initial setup screen
  11.   Set the iAdea player to Auto-Start OnSign TV Software

    (more info about iAdea Auto-Start available  here)

  12. Starting form the "Basic Settings" screen, click on "Advanced"
  13. iAdea Basic Settings

  14. Click on Content -> App Start
  15. Click on Advanced under URL
  16. iAdea App Start Setting

      You should use these parameters, under the "advanced" session:
     Enter Package Name: tv.onsign
     Enter Class Name: tv.onsign.PlayActivity
     Enter Action: android.intent.action.VIEW

    Configuring your Network
    1. Click on Advanced->
    2. Select the Network Option so you can configure your WiFi, and/or Ethernet port.
      Setting your player Clock
    This is a very important step, as all playback scheduling relies on the player clock!
    1. Click on Advanced->
    2. Scheduling
    3. Time And Date -> For setting the correct time and date

    Setting scheduled Reboots
    We recommend scheduling a daily reboot, so all the system is refreshed.
    1. Click on Advanced->
    2. Select Scheduling
    3. Scheduled reboot
    4. Enable the reboot and set it to a time that will not disrupt your operation, let's say 4:00 AM
    Once all is set, restart the device and OnSign TV should be auto-started!