How to monitor devices through dashboard

OnSign TV provides a complete dashboard to keep track of your entire signage network in a glimpse. You can access your account panel as following:

  1. Login on your OnSign TV account.
  2. Click on player tab.
  3. On the 2nd horizontal bar menu, hit the option “Dashboard”.

Below we will go through each dashboard tool so you can keep your signage playback smooth.

Device status

Get a summary of all players status on a pie chart. This same info is available at the main Player tab, in which each player is followed by its own status. In this page, all your network info is sum up visually into three pie charts.

Errors and warning

Instead of hunting for errors on the player list, you can check out a line graph with the total amount of errors detected daily.
Hover the mouse over the dots to check out the number of errors and warning.
On the bottom of the page, OnSign TV ranks the players with most errors and warning so you can quickly get into action.

Signage map

The media players are displayed according to their location on the map.

  • Click on the button "Show Players" on the top-right corner of the map, so the map will zoom-out and display the entire network within the map frame.
  • The color of the pin indicates whether the device is online, offline and synced and offline and out of sync.
  • If you have multiple players in the same location, they will be collapsed into a single pin. Click over it to expand and visualize all players.
  • Click over the pin to display additional info on the right bar,like app version, player tags, errors and remote view (if supported).


  1. You can click on the charts to filter on the map the players with a certain status. For instance, if you wish to have an idea of which players are out of sync.
    The information of the status as well as error charts is going to be updated. You can check out the total amount of devices beside the search tool.
  2. You can also use the search box to filter the players. Write down the following to limit the data:
    • is:offline - See all offline players.
    • version:"Android 8.0.1" - Display all devices with this version of OnSign TV App installed.
    • tag:"Corporate" - List all players with this tag.
    • You can also simply add a specific player name to see its status.
  3. Click over one device on the map to check out more info, like number of error and tags.
    • Click on the device name on the right bar to be redirected to the Player page. This will open the Status page displaying all device’s events.