How to schedule reports

Automatize report and keep track of your campaign playback

If you wish to keep track of a specific content or a collection of campaigns, you can schedule reports generation. Besides setting it up beforehand, you can also set rules so you can get the data periodically, and even send them automatically by email to other shared users and clients.

  1. On your OnSign TV account, click on your username on the top right corner and select “Reports”.
  2. You can either get a single report or schedule one. If you wish to generate a single report, you are already on this page, you simple have to click on the top right and select “+New Report”. If you need to schedule a report, you have to change to the area on the top that says “Schedule Report” and then click on the top right to get it.
  3. When you only need one single report you will decide between which dates you need it.
  4. However, if you need reports on a weekly or monthly basis, you should schedule it. In order to do that, let’s focus first on the section “Report Period”. Select the option “Scheduled Report” and then fill according to your preference:
    • Click on “+ Add Date” to generate a single report on a specific day.
    • Hit “+Add Rule” if you wish to generate reports with the same parameters with a certain frequency.
    • Add what is the period covered on the report. You can gather campaign playback data of previous days, weeks or even months.
    • Fill the period offset in case you want the report ending date to be prior than the set day when it is going to be generated.
      Example: You generate the report the 5th of each month, but you want to cover the previous month. Then, set 5 on offset so the beginning of the current month won’t be included on this report.
  5. Now, let’s fill the preferences for the report itself. It doesn’t matter if you are getting a single report or scheduling one, the following steps are the same:
    • Select the players from which you wish to collect the data. In case you wish to track a content from the entire signage network, leave it blank.
    • Write down the campaigns you wish to analyse the playback. Also leave it blank to get an overview of all content.
  6. Under report kind, select how the campaign playback info is going to be presented on the report. Check out the description beside each option:
  7. At last, on report options you define the output format (HTML, PDF or Excel spreadsheet) and setup who is going to receive a notification by email to download the file.
    • The email doesn’t need to be associated with your OnSign TV account. Setup as many notifications as you wish.
  8. Hit “Create Report”.

View all reports scheduled on the tab "Schedule reports". Once the first report is generated, the button "View" will replace the button "Scheduled" on the side (see image below). As you click, you will be redirected to the reports.
You can also check out all reports files by hitting the tab "Content" > "Saved Reports" and, at last, look for the map containing the schedule report.