How to set Flight Status App

Provide all info to guests for their maximum convenience. With Flight App, display the coming departures and latest arrivals of any airport in the world. Learn below how to set it up and mix it with your own content:

  1. On OnSign TV page, click on “Content”.
  2. Hit “New App” button.
  3. You will find the Flight App under “Other” category.
  4. Fill the information as following:
  • Name the app and enter the Airport code. You can find the three letter code of any airport through IATA website:
  • Display: Choose departures or arrival.
  • Number of flights per screens: Present at least 5 flights and up to 12 per screens.
  • Show each page for: Write how many seconds each page will be presented on the screen. Take into account the number of flights you are displaying per page, as well as if animations were made use of.
  • Customize the app according to your preferences. You can modify text and background color, as well as add or remove animation between pages.

Preview the app, and in case it is set as you wish, save it to your account. Now you are ready to display it on screens!