How to set Movies App

Display upcoming and in theater movies info on signage displays

This app will display will feature several info for in theater and to be release movies for each country. Get to display movie title, poster, main actors and actresses, genre and director.

  1. On the “Content” tab, hit “New App”.
  2. Browse for movie or find it on the Entertainment category.
  3. Now you just have to fill it up according to your preferences! There are also layout customization options:
    • Select if you wish to display the current movies being displayed on the screen, or the one to be released shortly.
    • Define how many movies are going to be displayed. You have to display at least 5 until 20 movies by popularity.
    • Define playback time for each movie (in seconds).
    • Select country.
    • Setup other custom settings, such as font type, color and background image. There are also animations options for the background and transition.
  4. Preview the outcome and save it. Now just add it to a campaign!