How to upload media files

Photos, videos and other medias are essential to create effective campaigns that grab the client's' attention. Learn how to upload media files into your OnSign TV account before or during the creation process.

  1. On your OnSign TV account, hit "New" and on the drop-down menu select "Upload file".
  2. A pop-up window will open. Browse through your computer maps and select the files you want to add to the campaigns.
  3. Hit “Open” or click enter and wait until the media is uploaded. You can check out the uploading status on the bottom-right box. Note it might take seconds or minutes depending on the file size.
How to upload media files 1 Alternatively, you can create a campaign and upload the files afterwards.
  1. Hit "New" on OnSign TV account homepage, and then select "Campaign".
  2. Scroll down the campaign editor page. On the bottom you will find the Content box. Click on “New" and then "Upload File”.
  3. Select the files on the pop-up window. If you prefer, you can also drag the files from your computer map straight to OnSign TV page. As you hold the photo or video over the Content Box, the message "drop files here to upload them" shows up.
How to upload media files 2 All files will be stored in the content library. Every time you create a new campaign, you can reuse the files uploaded previously.