Using Campaign Mask to add a logo or footer to your player

Let's say you have a logo and you would like to display this on every content you publish.


Well, for sure you can do this by adding the logo to all your campaigns, but maybe setting a "mask campaign" is an easier and more flexible way to do it!

A "campaign mask" is a special attribute you can set to each player, selecting a specific campaign that will be displayed on top of all published content.

The idea is simple! Imagine you cut a piece of paper and put it on top of your screen. Well, first thing to think about is you will need to leave open areas not to cover the entire screen. So, keep in mind to leave transparent areas while creating a campaign that will be used as a mask.

You can have transparent areas either by using a PNG with transparency, or creating a campaign that does not use full screen. For this tutorial, we created a PNG image containing a frame and OnSign TV logo:

Create mask with png file  

Once a campaign is set to work like a mask for a specific player, this campaign will always be displayed on top of the campaigns displayed on the target device. To remove it, just clear the Campaign Mask setting on your player.

How to set Campaign Mask:

  1. Click on the Player top menu.
  2. Select the target player that you would like to add a Campaign Mask.
  3. select player
  4. Click on Settings at the Menu on the left.
  5. player menu
  6. Click on General Settings, click on Campaign Playback Mask and select the campaign you want to use as a mask.
  7. Set mask
  8. Save changes clicking the orange button on the bottom. The logo has been set to all campaigns published to the selected player. Check out the result:
  9. mask campaign set