How to use Media Apps

Use this app category to display media from file maps or RSS feeds on your digital signage operation.

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and it is basically a format websites use to deliver new content. There are many services that provide digital signage content through RSS, such as Screenfeed. Use media apps to display regularly updated content on your screen.

Check the different apps below:

  • Media RSS
    Media RSS: Name the app, paste the RSS feed URL and set how long each media will play. This app will then display all medias in a row, each of them for the time you set. The app duration must be adjusted directly on the timeline.
  • Cycling Media RSS
    Cycling media RSS: Display a single content each time this app appears on the timeline. Be sure of testing this app before deploying to your whole digital signage operation, so you can adjust the length of the app on the timeline according to the average duration of the RSS feed contents.
  • Media Cycling App
    Media cycling: It will reproduce a media from files - such as photo or videos - at a time for as long as the app is set on the timeline. In case you select multiple medias, a different file is displayed in each campaign loop. After all medias are displayed, the sequence will play again from the first file.

To add the apps above to your campaign, follow the next steps:

  1. On your OnSign TV account you have to find the App Gallery (How to Add Apps).
  2. Select “Web & Media” on the top menu.
  3. Choose your app.
  4. Add the RSS feed URL. In case you select “Media cycling app”, choose the files you want to display.
  5. Check how your apps looks like by clicking on preview. Hit save and your app is ready to be set in a campaign!