How to use tags

Organize your campaigns and player with tags: classify them according to region, content, target audience or anything you want!

Besides categories, you can add tags on your OnSign TV account and they will be easily found. If you are drowning on content, no doubt tags are there to help you! Besides search, you can also publish quickier than ever!

Tag campaigns:

  1. On your OnSign TV account, create or edit a campaign.
  2. 1. create campaign
  3. Tag field will be found right under the campaigns name. Just write down the text you want. You can add as many as you want by placing a comma between different tags (,). The website will suggest you tags you have already used as you type (see image below).
  4. 2. add tag
  • You can also tag Playlists.
  • I. add tag to playlist

Tag players

  1. Click on Players tab on the top menu. Select then the player you want to tag or setup a new device.
  2. a. select player
  3. Click on settings on the left menu.
  4. b. click on settings
  5. Tag is the second field on the loaded page. Write down as many word as you want.
  6. c. add tags
  • You can also create player groups and tag them.
  • II. add to player groups