How to use Twitter App

Twitter is a 300 million users social network with real-time 140 characters text coming out each minute. Where else could you find better content?


Although Twitter’s user numbers are a far cry from Facebook 1 billion active accounts, the short message social media brings constant flow of up-to-day content from all over the world. Take advantage of this endless content feed to promote your company or entertain your clients!

Set your twitter up to date and then bring it to your campaigns as shown below:

  1. On your App Gallery (How to Add Apps) you will look for “Social Media” on the top menu on the pop-up window.
  2. Click on Twitter app. You will be prompted with the app settings. Make sure you have a twitter account integrated to OnSign TV, even if you don’t plan on displaying your own tweets. 3. integrate account copy

    You need to give permission to OnSign TV access your twitter account so the platform can read your tweets and check who you follow.

    3.1 Authorize access to twitter

    * You can only set up one twitter account at a time.

    Fill the following blanks:

    • Name
    • Channel: Paste the username from the person, company or group you want to share on your screen. Access the accounts profile and copy it to this blank, without the @ at the beginning.
    • Number of posts: Set the number of posts that should be displayed. You can set up to 20, but in case you want to share just the latest posts set a lower number. The number may vary depending on the channel theme and updating frequency.
    • Show each post for many seconds: As each tweet contain tops 140 characters and a photo, reading time may be as low as 10 seconds! Take into account the amount of information displayed in other divisions of your screen, the monitor location and the target audience.
    • Twitter media options: Some tweets come along with photos. These can be fit to the screen and cropped. Alternatively, it can keep its original proportion, which results in empty spaces around the picture (check second photo in row below).
    • Caption language: There is some info displayed on the app besides the tweet, such as date and channel. Choose in which language these texts have to be displayed. It does not interfere in the tweet.
    • Theme: There are three distinct app styles you can choose from! Check below:
    • Default

      miniature twitter default


      miniature twitter cloud


      miniature twitter bubble

      Besides, you can set a background custom color to match your signage content style or set a background image.

  3. Once you are done, click “Preview”. If the result is what you expected, hit Save.

Twitter app can be displayed fullscreen, in bar or even smaller areas. It is up to you!