How to install OnSign TV on Tizen SSSP4, SSSP5 and SSSP6

This tutorial covers how to install OnSign TV on the Tizen - Samsung SMART Signage Platform:
  • SSSP4
  • SSSP5
  • SSSSP6 (Beta)
Note: In case you are looking for SSSP2 or SSSP3 info please check out this tutorial.

Installation process:

  1. Click on "Menu" button on remote control and then select "System" tab;
  2. Pick option "Play via" and hit "URL Launcher".

    1. Press "Home" button on the remote control;
    2. Select the option “URL Launcher Settings";
    1. Enter the URL below on the  “Install Web App” field:
    2. Hit "OK";
    1. Select the option “URL Launcher” to install OnSignTV.

The OnSign TV player will be launched once the installation process is successfully completed.