Setup Samsung Kiosk Manager

Prevent the user from leaving the digital signage app on your Samsung device. Learn how to install and setup Kiosk Manage in the following steps:

  1. Download Samsung Kiosk Manager.
  2. Install it on Samsung tablet and start the application by clicking on its icon.
  3. samsung kiosk icon
  4. Give the device administrator access by tapping on "Activate" in the dialog that appears:
  5. activate kiosk manager
  6. The privacy policy will be displayed on the screen. Check the option acknowledging you understand the conditions and tap on "Confirm".
  7. privacy policy samsung kiosk
  8. The kiosk manager has been activated! Open the signage player application. To exit the kiosk mode, tap seven times on the left bottom corner.
  9. tap seven times to leave
  • If a password has been set on OnSign TV server, a password dialog or a Maintenance Mode screen will be displayed, depending on your player version, requesting password. Write it down to leave the app.
  • provide passwork