How to update player software

OnSign TV’s team is working constantly in order to improve your digital signage managing experience.

That’s why every now and then you get to see the following message on the Player’s tab:

You need to update your players in order to have access to all enhancements and new features added to OnSign TV platform. Follow the steps below to update player software for Windows and Android devices.

  1. Click on Players tab on the top part of your OnSign TV account.
  2. Select all players which are requesting update.
  3. As you click, some buttons will appear on the header. Hit “Update Software”.
  4. Confirm the action at the displayed dialog.
  5. A new dialog will inform you that the player is being updated.
  6. When the updating is ready, the update message will vanish.

Why can't I update my player?

There are few situations in which you won't be able to update your player:
  • Play Store App: In this case, OnSign TV is not allowed by Google to update the software remotely. You have to update it through Play Store. You can also save time and set Play Store for updating OnSign software automatically:
    1. Access Play Store on your Device.
    2. Search for OnSign TV app.
    3. On the top-right corner, click on the three dot icon and check “Auto-update”.

    Keep in mind that automatic updates might be delayed when compared to Android System version.

  • Non-rooted Android: If you have installed Android Software in a non-rooted device, you have to re-install the software manually from OnSign TV page. In case you want to enable remote update, you can either try to install the system version - in case your device is compatible - or root your device.