Using clock apps

We can check the time on our watches, cellphones, and why not giving another option for the user?

The clock apps are quite an useful tool, specially in companies and universities, where people need to be in time to attend classes or meetings. Sign in on your OnSign TV account and add it right now to your campaign by following the instructions below:

  1. Go to Content tab at OnSign TV platform homepage. Click on "New App" button between "New Folder" and "New Composition".
  2. A pop-up window will appear on your screen with all available OnSign Apps. The clock category is automatically displayed, but you can also find it on the top bar menu in case you need. Select the model you like most. Check an overview below:
  3. Small clock apps: These apps are great as they don’t need to occupy the whole screen. You can just set them to a small screen zone and let the focus rely on the main content. They are available in round and square layout. If you want something more modern looking, we offer a digital style clock. The same style is available in another app meant for thin bars on the screen. There is also a holiday theme for Christmas time.

    clock apps round layout
    analog layout clock apps


    digital style clock apps
    holiday layout clock apps

    Multi-city clocks: OnSign TV offers two sets of multi-city clocks. Set three different cities and keep aware of your international clients and coworkers’ timezone.

    multi city round layout clock apps
    multicity clock square clock apps

    Countdown and time elapse: Begin the countdown to holidays and events with the countdown app. The time elapsed tool, on the other hand, keeps track of how long has passed since an event occurred - such as an accident or the last time a client had complained.

    countdown clock apps
    time elapsed clock apps






  4. As you select an app, you will be requested to adjust the settings. Besides the basic information, such as app name and location, you are able to customize color, dial numeric system and background. The settings vary for each clock - while some are totally customizable, other will only allow few color change.
  5. Click on "Preview” to check how it looks like. If you like the result, hit “Save”. The app is now in your library and ready for use.