Using social network apps

Share with your audience content from the top most popular social medias available on the internet. OnSign TV has currently two social networks on the app panel. Learn how to add them to your campaigns:

  1. First, you have to find the App Gallery (How to Add Apps) so you can create, edit or use any App.
  2. Hit “Social Network” on the top bar menu of the pop-up window. Let’s check their functionalities:
  3. Youtube app

    Youtube: There is no doubt about youtube’s popularity. With over a billion users and an increase of videos watch by 40% year on year. Make use of the huge amount of videos available on your digital signage with OnSign’s youtube app.

    The settings for this app are easy as pie. Besides naming an app, you only need to copy the URL from the youtube video you wish to display. You can also paste a channel or playlist link so the videos are displayed in loop. Set the video quality or let youtube choose the quality based on your internet connection.

    This app is commonly used fullscreen, but it also fits smaller screen zones. Try to keep the same proportions of the video, otherwise there will be black bars around the image depending on the screen area size is set.

    fb social networks

    Facebook: Advertise content your company has been posting on Facebook and get more Likes on your page. With this app, you can display public posts without limit from any facebook page. Set whether you prefer highlighting the image or leaving more space to text. There is also animated transition between posts. Adjust the time length of each post.

    fb post social networks
  4. When you have finished adjusting all settings, click on "Save" on the button of the pop-up window. Any time you create a campaign, the app will be displayed on your library.