Using Weather Apps

We humans are constantly concerned about the weather in our daily lives, from the moment we get up and get dressed till we need to leave our office and commute home. Hence, the popularity of Weather Apps never fades! The OnSign TV platform offers multiple Weather Apps to keep your audience aware of the temperature of today and the next few days. This is how you add Weather Apps to your campaigns:

  1. To add an App to your campaigns, start by creating a campaign or editing an existing one. In the Campaign editor, scroll down to the Content Library. There you will find the “App” button when you click the orange "New" button to create content. Also you find the same process on the free standing Content page.
  2. A pop-up window with all available Apps will be shown on your screen. Click on “Weather” on the sidebar menu and choose one of the available Weather Apps. There are many options to choose from. Below is a quick overview of some of the options:

    Small Screen Zones: These Apps are ideal for placement in corners of the screen, leaving most of the screen space available for other content. The Simple Weather App shows just the current temperature and weather condition. The Small Weather App displays a three day forecast in slideshow mode. The Modern Weather Forecast App highlights the current temperature and the next three days of forecast in a row below.

    small weather app

    Tall and Bar: This style of Weather Apps is meant to be placed in a thin area on the screen, either horizontal (bar) or vertical (tall). If you want this style, choose Modern Weather Forecast Tall and Bar or Weather Forecast Tall and Bar.

    Full Size: This style is better visible on the whole screen. The classic Weather Forecast shows current conditions and a three days forecast. There are another layouts available for Multi Day or Multi City forecasts.

    classic weather app

    Advanced: For more in depth weather information, choose Single Day Graph Weather and Multi Day Scrolling Weather, showing the weather forecast by time of day and with greater details such as wind speeds and humidity levels. For atmosphere, Themable Weather Forecast adds themes to the background based on the current weather conditions.

  3. Fill out the settings for the chosen App, such as locations and temperature unit. Once finished, click on “Preview” to see how everything looks. If the result is what you wanted, hit “Save”.
  4. Now the App is saved in the App folder in your Content Library. You can use it on any campaign you create.