White Label

Your branded digital signage platform!

As your digital signage operation starts taking off, there is no better way to connect with your customers than having a solution that is directly linked to your brand.

Looking for a top tier digital signage platform that can be fully customized to your brand?

OnSign TV white label solution enables full platform customization . This means you can have your logo, your URL, your name displayed on the platform. This is a great way to "lock in" your customers by offering them one-to-one experience with no middle name in between.

The White Label is ideal once you start to grow and create muscles. To qualify for the White Label service you need to subscribe to at least 100 players.

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White label is a comprehensive solution covering all touchpoints and interfaces so all your customers will see is your brand.

White Label Features:

Platform URL

The White Label platform will accessed through your own URL. So your customers will log directly to https://app.your_url.com or any other URL you choose.

Service Name

Choose a "Platform Name" so everywhere we traditionally would use "OnSign TV" will be replaced for your brand.

Manage Accounts

Create and assign accounts to your customers. Control and set number of players assigned to each account.

Your logo

Have your logo featured in the web platform pages and players. Also choose custom colors for your branded player!

Android App

Distribute the Android Player App on your website. OnSign TV logo will be replaced by yours and you can also modify the background colors.

Email address

All communication emails like reports, player added/removed, and warnings will be sent using your email address.

White Label Pricing

When subscribing to the White Label service you will pay:
  1. Yearly setup and maintenance fee $499.
  2. White label per player license

White Label per player license

Number of players Player/month
100-250 $17.99
250+ $15.99


Is there any minimum requirement for subscribing to White Label Service?

Yes. You need to subscribe to 100 players or more.

Is there any discount on the monthly fee?

All discounts are based on the number of players. Take a look at the progressive price discount table.

I don’t have 100 players yet. Can I acquire the White Label platform?

No. Implementing the White Label service requires a significant effort, so we really enforce a minimum of 100 players to qualify for the service.

Can I publish my App at the Playstore?

No. We don't publish the white label Apps into the Google Play Store.

Will I get a custom App for all operating systems?

The White Label implementiation is currently limited to Android player version.

Why do I have to pay an extra per player fee?

The White Label implementation is an extensive an ongoing service. Beside getting you set and creating a server instance to host your account, we will create a custom App every time we have a new release. This happens every 2 to 3 weeks. In addition, White Label customers benefit from higher priority support and access to OnSign TV staff.